Flashback Friday: Sade

I’m going to attempt a weekly series post. I tried to start something like this early on here, with Throwback Thursday posts that focused on one old song that I would write about. I think that series lasted maybe all of one week. The group I featured in that post, the band War, will be (hopefully) revisited in this series if I can keep it up. I thought that in this second relaunch attempt (on a different weekday) I would try a different artist to kick it off.576px-Sade_Adu_1

The band Sade (and also the lead singer, whose given name is Helen Folasade Adu, but is also referred to as Sade), have been around for 30 years now, but have only released six proper studio albums during that time. In fact, there hasn’t been an album with brand new music (excluding The Essential Sade, which contained new remixes of older songs) in five years. For me, that doesn’t matter: what has been released has been so good, so important to my musical appreciation, that things that the group did so long ago still resonates.

I will usually limit the number of songs for these posts to five, but today, I’m going beyond. Today, I’m doing twenty-five Sade songs. These are all my personal favorites; but if I had to limit it to my favorite five, those would be: “The Sweetest Taboo”, “Your Love Is King”, “No Ordinary Love”, “Kiss Of Life”, and “By Your Side”.


I hope you enjoy Sade’s music…and if you have any favorites of the group or any impressions at all of their music, feel free to share in the comments.


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