Music Is My “Refuge”

If anyone has spent any length of time looking at this little corner of the internet, you no doubt know how much I love music. I keep music around me every day. It can change my mood from low to upbeat. It makes me dance, makes me think. And I love it so. And what’s great about music, is that there is so much of it, in so many different styles, that no one can ever say there isn’t a piece of music, a song, or a tune that they don’t love or enjoy.

One of the things I like to do is listen to music in my headphones from my laptop. For one thing, the music just sounds better through the headphones than it ever does through the crappy speakers in the laptop. Secondly, it allows me to focus on the music—to me, at least, hearing music in my headphones is like I get to go in my own private world and enjoy whatever I’m listening to without distractions.

Going through my email this morning, I saw one from Jesse Fischer, the pianist from Brooklyn, that informed me of a new music video of his for a song called “Refuge.” The song is taken from his new album Day Dreamer which was released back in September. I enjoyed his tribute to Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters album with Sly5thAve. earlier this year, and couldn’t wait to hear this new song. So I opened the link to the video, and I loved it—so much so, that I streamed the new album afterward. The song and the album were the perfect Saturday morning soundtrack—at least for me, this morning.

They lyrics of the song, in which music is the refuge from all the chaos going on, really spoke to me, as did the music itself. But mostly, I truly enjoyed just listening to all of it in the headphones, without distraction.

Do you enjoy listening to music in headphones, or does it matter how you listen?

13 Replies to “Music Is My “Refuge””

  1. I am a complete headphone girl. I effectively lock people out when I need to,get to hear the words of the songs-something I love, and listen to my preferred genre of music in peace without listening to some snide comment about my tastes being ‘weird’.

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    1. I think listening in headphones not only allows you to hear the lyrics better, but for me, I like to feel the music. I think I feel it better with headphones. Every genre has its supporters and detractors…it’s like Duke Ellington said “There are two kinds of music. The good and the other kind.”

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  2. Sometimes I like to hear music on my headphones. Sometimes I like to go for a drive and listen to it really loud. I especially like to listen to it while I’m cleaning. My boss doesn’t allow me to listen to music at my desk anymore. She rolled her eyes at me when I told her it makes me more productive. I think the wench took my headphones away because the other day they were missing. I enjoy a lot of Herbie Hancock’s music. My parents got me into it.

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      1. In the five years I’ve worked at this company, I’ve had six different supervisors. She’s the only one who doesn’t allow it. She says I won’t do my work or answer the phone if I’m listening to music. I miss Pandora at work! 😭

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  3. I would prefer to listen through headphones, but then I lost the hearing in my left ear. So now it is speakers. But usually loud and so I feel as surrounded as possible. I miss the panning and things you would hear with headphones and two ears, That is painful, actually.
    Good song. I usually dislike a lot of Jazz, but when it is structured and not a just a bunch of loose scales, I can get into it. This one has that structure I need.

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  4. I used to do headphones, now I just keep it on as background noise, but when writing, I have to have silence or it derails my train of thought and I fear unintended plaguerism with words heard yet not quite….but for party time, I play it loud, either Pandora on the fifty inch tv or the Bose with the beats bouncing off the walls😀

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    1. Hi, Kim…thanks for your comment. I too listen to music through my TV (not quite a 50-inch one, but I’m working on that), usually from Spotify, but I also have Pandora, and Sirius XM radio as other options through my Roku streaming stick. For that, I don’t use headphones.

      Sounds like a great party…would love to join in! 🙂

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