Timothy Bloom & V. Bozeman Reunite For Christmas

About four years ago, Soulbounce.com alerted me to a song from a new artist named Timothy Bloom called “‘Til The End Of Time.” The song itself was pretty good; but it was the video that had tongues wagging both on and offline. Sung in a duet with V. Bozeman, the video showed the pair of them standing in an embrace, completely nude for the entirety of the song/video. For many, the video made the song complete. I post the video here, but warn you that it contains nudity and would be considered not work safe (aka NSFW):

Fast forward over four years later, and both of their careers are gaining momentum: Bloom has released a critically acclaimed album in the last year, and Bozeman is getting exposure on the television show Empire, as well as working with the show’s music director, Timbaland. She also has a new single out now called “Smile,” and an upcoming album due soon.

In the meantime, the two artists have reunited to create a new Christmas song, entitled “Christmas Without U.” Unlike their previous duet, this is an uptempo, finger-snapping number to start, then slows it down for the final third of the song—making the tune something like a two-for-one. The singers are in fine voice and the song makes a fine addition for people who like their Christmas songs with a little R&B kick and a contemporary groove.

As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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