Ravens Review: The String Is Over

Until yesterday, watching a Baltimore Ravens game this season had a common theme: they would play just well enough to hang around, and either a break against them or a last minute play would turn their way. In yesterday’s 35-6 beatdown by the Seattle Seahawks, none of that was in play.

Technically, you could say that the Ravens were still in the game at halftime. The score was only 14-6 Seattle at that point. And, with the Ravens having had all of their previous twelve games decided by eight points or less, you thought maybe, just maybe, they can hang around, make a play or two in the second half and steal a win.

Not even close.

Russell Wilson threw five touchdown passes yesterday. Russell Wilson is a very good quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the schedule the Sunday after next. How many touchdowns do you think he will throw for with the weapons he has at his disposal? Ten?

Back to the yesterday’s debacle, though, the 35-6 loss put an end to the streak of all of Ravens games being decided by a single score in a very decisive fashion. After halftime, you just knew once Seattle scored on the first possession of the second half, it wasn’t going to be the Ravens’ day.

Jimmy Clausen tried, and the Ravens did move the ball well in the first half, but could only come away with two Justin Tucker field goals.  The only time any Ravens players were in the end zone was when they were running behind Seattle receivers who caught touchdown passes. Oh, I forgot: they also had to step in the end zone to field the kickoffs from former Ravens kicker Steven Hauschka after all those touchdown passes.

Next up: another home game against a team in the playoff hunt. Kansas City’s Chiefs come to town having won seven straight games. By the time 4:00 PM rolls around next Sunday, I’m looking for that number to increase by one. This season cannot end fast enough for me; it’s the first time in a long time that the Ravens truly have nothing to play for.

4 Replies to “Ravens Review: The String Is Over”

    1. I too, loathe the Steelers and their quarterback, Ben “Ham Sandwich” Roethlisberger. We usually give them as good as we get, since we have to see them twice a year. But this year, we got lucky the first game. I don’t see that good luck coming through a second time.

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  1. Seattle kind of got desperate recently. Not much the Ravens could’ve done, at least it wasn’t for lack of heart. Just don’t have that defense they used to. They’ll rebuild.

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