Flashback Friday: Easy Lover

Last week, I wrote that I was starting a new series of posts called Flashback Friday. In that post, I said I was going to take one artist and list up to five songs from that featured artist each week.

I lied. Or rather, I changed my mind.

One good thing about having your own blog: you can make up the rules as you go along. So guess what? I’m changing the rules after one week. The Flashback Friday rule: there are no rules! So basically, I’m going to make it up as I go along.

With it being so close to Christmas, I gave serious consideration to listing a few of my favorite Christmas songs—only to list a few on this post earlier in the week. So, I traveled back to 1984 for this Flashback Friday song.

Hard to believe after all these years, but even though this is generally identified as a Phil Collins song, it was Philip Bailey who was actually the top-billed artist on this track. The song is pulled from Bailey’s second solo album Chinese Wall, which featured Collins as a producer. Bailey was taking a break from Earth, Wind & Fire at the time, as the group would go on a brief hiatus for several years, before returning in 1987 with the album Touch The World and the lead single “System Of Survival.” Further, session bassist extraordinaire Nathan East also helped to co-write the song with Bailey and Collins.

I recently saw in the news where Collins was thinking of coming out of retirement to record new music. At the same time, a petition was created requesting that Collins not come out of retirement. Was he really so bad that folks never want to hear from him again? Collins has had a ton of hits over the years, both solo and with the group Genesis; if he wants to return to try to make new music, he should be allowed to. After all, you don’t have to listen if you didn’t like his earlier work.

When I hear the song now, it reminds me of college-specifically the spring semester of my freshman year. After finally settling in, I was getting used to life at college—the grades were good, the parties were better—and the music would form a part of my life’s soundtrack. And as far as pop tunes went at that time, there weren’t many better.

Reminisce if you wish, and enjoy this week’s Flashback Friday entry.

9 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Easy Lover”

  1. “Was he really so bad that folks never want to hear from him again?”

    I would actually sign that “stay retired” petition, because I think it’s funny (and Phil probably does, too). He’s just not my thing. I think the issue with Phil is that his string of hits came at the same time that music was having this punk-ish resurgence — and he came to exemplify what we “left of the dialers” considered mainstream and unworthy. We weren’t always right about that and I’ll admit his music stands the test of time (he’s also a funny and great interview, which also goes a long way in my book). Still, if you ask me what Phil Collin’s greatest musical accomplishment is … I’d say … appearing in The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”! 🙂

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    1. Hahahaha! That’s funny, Bloggess! For me, though his music was a huge part of my coming of age and college years. He was going to be featured at some point. The fact that this particular song also had a member of my favorite band growing up (EW&F) made it that much easier a choice.

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