Ravens Review: Same Song, New Verse

Another Sunday, another Ravens loss. That makes ten this season for Baltimore’s purple birds. At 4-10, looking likely at 4-12 in two weeks when the season mercifully ends (for both the team and for me), the Ravens are looking at their worst season in many a year. It’s the first losing season under coach John Harbaugh, who had never had a Ravens team finish worse than 8-8 before this year. For many Ravens fans, this has been a season to forget. Bad play, bad luck, injuries—whatever you want to point to as the guilty culprit for this season, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s been a long season.

As for yesterday’s game, I didn’t even get to see much of it as I was out getting Christmas shopping done. But what I did see looked familiar. Turnovers—including a fumble and an interception returned for touchdowns. A late hit on Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith that exemplified everything that has happened with untimely penalties all season. And, with all the starters out injured on both sides of the ball, not enough talent to match up with teams that are far more athletic and gifted.

For the record, the score of yesterday’s game was 34-14—a win by the Chiefs for their eighth consecutive victory. At least they have dreams of postseason play. The only postseason play the Ravens have in their future will be on the golf course or in the video game lounge. Chin up though; next week is a Steelers week. And I’m sure they will want to bury their rivals emphatically—especially after the Ravens escaped with a victory in Pittsburgh earlier in the season. Will the Ravens have enough pride to make the game competitive? Stay tuned.

3 Replies to “Ravens Review: Same Song, New Verse”

    1. I know you do! The Ravens were officially eliminated last week. I’m almost done my shopping. Just have some gift cards to get and I think I’ll be finished. I have one item to pick up in store on Wednesday.


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