One Goal Already Scuttled

So, the new year is now just into day number two, and already I missed the first deadline. Which deadline, you ask? Why the deadline to create and post something for Flashback Friday! I had good intentions; I had to work on New Year’s Eve, and I knew I was going out that night so a post was not going to be written the night before. My plan was to write the post on Friday morning. And that is the goal that went by the wayside.

It all started (or I guess it didn’t start) when I woke up early on Friday, after getting in late. I roused myself from sleep and remembered the old tradition that says that a man must be the first person to cross the threshold of a house in the new year. So I got up and got out and traversed to three houses, while also helping out with computer problems and cell phone issues. From there, I realized that I didn’t get anything to eat before I went out, so I got lunch at Chili’s, which turned into a full afternoon of commiserating with the bartenders. By the time I left there, it was time to go to my mother’s for the annual black-eyed peas and kale (greens) dinner. After all that, it was almost 8 P.M., and Friday had just about disappeared.

But I won’t be too hard on myself—after all, I get another shot at Flashback Friday next week. But if one of the goals is to be more focused on meeting expectations (my own, not anyone else’s), then I have come up short on an early test. And yet, it’s only one day. I think I’ll meet more deadlines than I miss in the new year. I’ve only got 364 more days to get things right.

11 Replies to “One Goal Already Scuttled”

    1. Hahahaha…if you’re the queen of procrastination, I’m the prince! I won’t say the king though…but my focus needs some sharpening! I had the idea and everything for it…just didn’t get written! Oh well. It WILL get done!

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