I Want You Back

No, not the classic by Michael Jackson and his brothers. Yes, I know I write about music a lot here. But we’re not talking about that song. At least, not today.

See…I need to confess. I’m an addict. It’s been about five months since I gave in. I tried to eat better, and I thought getting rid of these things would help me. But all I find is that I’m missing them all the more. The things in question? Skittles.

What brought this into focus…I tried to eat Lemonheads this week. You may say, why Lemonheads? Because my daughter gave me a box as a 241px-Lemonheads_candystocking stuffer for Christmas. I like Lemonheads. I will eat them, as they fulfill a duty of satisfying my sweet tooth, particularly at work.

But Lemonheads aren’t Skittles. Not by a long shot. While they are chewy, like Skittles, and I like them almost as much, they just don’t fit the bill. Plus, once you eat a few, the lemony flavor is kind of monotonous. Still good, but monotonous all the same.

So there at the desk, my empty candy jar mocked me for weeks, as it sat with no candy at all. So I gave the Lemonheads a shot. But the Skittles were calling my name. As I walked through the aisles in grocery stores, and saw commercials on television (though the one with the “Skittles pox” was kind of creepy), I kept telling myself, don’t buy them, you don’t need them. I fear one day my teeth, the good teeth my dentist and my hygienist tell me I have, will fall out of my head from my need to “taste the rainbow.” To grab a handful—or on those rare occasions, eat them one at a time—and enjoy the flavors.

But I can’t quit them. In fact, when my Lemonheads are gone, a bag of Skittles (or maybe two; it is a big candy jar) will make it’s way back to me, and back to my desk. I tried to live without them, but I can’t do it. I even threatened to boycott them years ago, when they substituted the lime Skittles for green apple. But I have since relented; especially since they have an Orchards flavored bag that has the lime skittles in there. So I buy one regular bag and an Orchards bag, just to get my lime green fix.

So there you have it. Skittles. I can’t leave them alone. I tried, for five months. But the rainbow brought me back. As did the Lemonheads.

P.S. I miss the orange ones the most. Those are my favorites.

Yes, I had to put this in, though it has nothing to do with my addiction. But the title fits. And it’s one of those ’80s classics I have to hear every now and then.

17 Replies to “I Want You Back”

  1. So YOU’RE the one who likes lime? YOU’RE the reason it took seven forevers to get green apple skittles like the rest of the civilized world already had! It was YOU!

    But. I am an absolute candyholic, so I feel your pain. Candy, candy, candy!

    You gimme the green apple stuff, and you can have all the lime. Bleh. Boo. Gross.

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    1. I will GLADLY take the lime ones off your hands. In fact, unless you buy the Orchards kind, they won’t be on your hands. But I have learned to appreciate the green apple ones too. They don’t bug me as much as they did when they first showed up.

      You cannot possibly blame me for Wrigley Co.’s marketing decisions. If they had asked me though…

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