MLK Edition – The 2016 Version

[I originally wrote this post last year; I’m updating it and re-posting it this year.]

On Friday morning, Martin Luther King, Jr., if he hadn’t been assassinated, would be 87 years old.

I wonder what he would think about certain things. Such as:

  • would he hashtag any of the social causes of the present on Facebook or Twitter? Could you see him saying #blacklivesmatter #policelivesmatter #alllivesmatter ?
  • what would he have to say about the President’s recent executive orders for new gun control measures? For that matter, what would his feelings be about gun control in light of so many mass shooting incidents across the country and homicides in the inner cities?
  • what would his thoughts be on the refugee crisis, immigration, and American involvement in the Middle East?
  • would he play Powerball or Mega Millions when the jackpots get really big? (I guessing he wouldn’t, being a preacher and all…but I still wonder).
  • would he post photographs of his marches from years past on Instagram for Throwback Thursday?Martin_Luther_King_Jr_NYWTS_4
  • would he be on the street, railing against the seeming lack of diversity in Hollywood?
  • would he denounce Donald Trump and his divisive, insensitive remarks and lack of behavior control at his rallies? Would Trump lash back on Twitter and insult the (still) most famous civil rights leader in history, as he has so many others who have dared criticize his actions and words?
  • which candidate for President would he endorse? Would he give his support to any of them?
  • would he rail against today’s rap music and its unending themes of sex, money and drugs?
  • would he try to take down trolls on internet sites who would call him names and try to do and say anything to discredit anything he did or tried to do?
  • would he criticize social media culture in general, where it’s easy for anyone with enough keyboard courage to say anything at any time? Would he be dismayed at how easy it is for people to call black athletes names that white athletes are never called?
  • would he shake his head at the things people say or do, all in the name of being famous or getting attention?
  • would he be retired and perhaps marginalized, sort of as an Emeritus “drum major for justice”?
  • would he have gone anywhere there were protests decrying the seeming over-reliance of deadly force on black males? Would have been in Baltimore, trying to restore calm in the city after the Freddie Gray incident? Would he call for justice at the trials of the officers who were charged?
  • would he be proud of our President, or would he be disappointed in his performance? Or would he worry about what will happen when he leaves the office next year?
  • would he speak out about a Congress that has seemingly done nothing for years, but collect paychecks and argue, but offer no meaningful solutions to the people’s problems?

I think he would still be reminding all of us to remember that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Then I remember…he’s going to be 87 years old. Would he still have the “fire in the belly” to do any or all of those things listed above? Or would he, having lived a full life, have given us a group of leaders, not just black, but of all races, nationalities, religions and backgrounds, to work on bringing us together rather than dividing us. Leaders who remind us that we have good within us, and that we need to use that good to bring to others. That love for one another is our greatest command to follow.

18 Replies to “MLK Edition – The 2016 Version”

  1. Great post. It’s so sad that MLK was not able to carry on the great work he started. I wish the whole world was full of politicians who united and not divided us all. Instead there is Donald Trump.


  2. I doubt that he’d be sitting idly by. I’m not sure at that age if he’d be leading protest marches. But, if he’d have lived, and had been promoting the cause for the prior 30-40 years, maybe these latest and continued instances wouldn’t have happened in the first place? It’s an interesting question that you pose. I wonder how different the world would’ve been if he hadn’t been struck down and had been able to continue his work and train and inspire further generations. I’d be curious to hear his reaction to having an African-American President. I bet he’d be proud, but also call it merely a start, not the culmination of his work. He was an amazing human being. His death was utterly senseless.

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  3. I agree. I think he would have plenty to say, and I would hope he would have trained and inspired a new generation of leaders, not just black, but of all races. Maybe things wouldn’t seem so dire, or like we are backsliding into an era some thought had passed. I can only imagine what he would think about the xenophobic tide building up in the country.

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