Flashback Friday: Axel F

Of all the songs I could have chosen—and I had some doozies noted as prospective candidates, why did I choose this half-forgotten instrumental from one of Eddie Murphy’s biggest movies? I am a fan of Beverly Hills Cop, but I can’t even imagine that any song from the movie would be one I chose. And yet, here it is.

While the Harold Faltermeyer version may be the most famous, the version I remember most fondly was a remix/cover done by the Latin Rascals. The Latin Rascals were a duo of DJs/Remixers from New York by the names of Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran. In dance music circles, they are famous for producing one of, if not the first Latin Freestyle songs, “Show Me,” by The Cover Girls.

So sometime in the spring of 1985, while I was at college, I heard their reworking of Faltermeyer’s Top 5 pop version of the movie song on WUSL-FM out of Philadelphia. And once I heard it, I knew that money was going to be spent, as soon as I could find the single. And of course, in those days, the twelve-inch vinyl single was still king (yes I had a record player, if anyone remembers what those were). At any rate, it was one of those songs that my radio station back home wasn’t playing. But when I got home and played it for my buddies, they went bananas, much like I did when I first heard it. And it being right in the middle of the break dancing era, people used the song to break out their freshest moves.

Listening to the song now, for the first time in ages, reminds me of why I love the “New York Hammer Mix” (also known as the “Beverly Hills Mix”) of the track. The cuts and edits are so sharp; the electronic drums snap and pop. I wished this version was in the movie, instead of the one everyone is familiar with.

The Latin Rascals went on to become godfathers of Latin Freestyle music, though they may have split apart—best that I can tell, Moran is still in New York, but Cabrera is in Florida. I couldn’t find much about Cabrera, but Tony Moran apparently is still making music. I haven’t heard much, if any of it lately though. But no matter what he or Cabrera do now, I’ll always have the spring/summer of 1985 to thank them for springing this remix on my eager ears.


The Faltemeyer version brings back memories of the movie. The Latin Rascals version still makes me want to dance, all these years later.

Enjoy your Friday!



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