One Song Four Ways: If I Ever Fall In Love

I’ve seen it said, in several places, that the 1990s was the last great era for rhythm & blues. That may or may not be true (I don’t believe it is—there is still good RnB being made, but you won’t find much of it on what passes for commercial radio). But it’s definitely true that the 90s are looked upon fondly by the genre’s fans, particularly the early to middle part of the decade.

In my musical adventures, I came across two covers of  Shai’s “If I Ever Fall In Love.” The first of these is from Pentatonix. Forgive me, but I didn’t even know who Pentatonix were until very recently. I have since learned that they were the winners of an NBC show called The Sing-Off, but I’d never even seen the show. But after hearing this, now I am a fan. These people can go, or blow, or sang. Whatever. Their version (with an assist from Jason Derulo) sounds like this:

As a point of reference, Shai’s versions (first the a cappella, then the remix):

The second of the covers is from Ernie Halter, who has actually recorded an album of 90s R&B covers, all of them done in an acoustic style. It’s called Acoustic Throwback — Nineties Rhythm & Blues. Some of the songs included are Ginuwine’s Pony, Marc Morrison’s Return Of The Mack, and BlackStreet’s No Diggety. His is a bit more laid back than the Pentatonix version, but it still sounds good to me:

For my money, they are both good, but the Pentatonix version sounds very close to the original (save for the percussion that comes in on the second verse and the increased energy it brings), while Halter takes it to a chill type place. I like them both, but the originals still shine.

As always, any comments on any of these tracks are welcomed.

23 Replies to “One Song Four Ways: If I Ever Fall In Love”

  1. Oh I still like this song a lot! I like the Shai versions the best. I still listen to this song on the old school radio station here. I had that Shai CD back in the 90’s. I liked another song of theirs called “Comforter.” Wow a song that’s a blast from the past! I don’t really care for Jason Derulo.

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    1. Agree with you on all points Lisa. I remember “Comforter” too! And as far as Jason Derulo goes, since I’m not all that familiar with him or them, I can’t even tell what part he is supposedly singing.

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      1. The only song I can think of that’s Jason Derulo’s is called “Talk Dirty” or something like that. He whines a lot but not in a good way. I was obsessed with “Comforter” back in the day! They used to play it on the radio a lot like in ’93 or ’94.I remember Ginuwine’s “Pony” and Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack.” I still listen to those songs on the radio! Lol.

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  2. I listen to a lot of 90s RnB. I cling on to an era and never let go. I do love the Shai version best…because I always prefer the original. I’m a huge pentatonix fan so their version worked too. They all did.:-)

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  3. As almost always, I prefer the original. But that is pretty standard with me, and it is rare otherwise. My mind associates the “right” version with the first one in almost all cases. I can only think of a few exceptions.

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    1. Hi Dave. I always loved reading about how those guys were inspired by the soul greats from the U.S. In a lot of ways, that was (and in many cases still is) what many people call R&B.


      1. Good to hear … sometimes wish there was a bit more playing and less ‘production’ … when it comes down to money, give it to the nerds & geeks … cf. modern movies & CGi … er, rant over! What should listen to that sounds real? Happy to be re-educated …

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      2. There was a guy last year who released an album with a sorta ’60s soul sound by the name of Leon Bridges. Look for his album Coming Home; that might be a good place to start. Sadly, over here a lot of what hearkens to “old school” R&B you can only hear on oldies stations. There are some newer people playing in that style that update the music for today, but it’s hard to find them on the radio here.

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