The Blizzard Of 2016

Simply put, that title.

If you live in the United States and have gotten any weather news over the last few days, you know that the eastern coast of the country is going through a major snowstorm. The community where I live is right in the middle of it. As I write this post (around 10:30 AM EST), the snow is still coming down. Our local emergency management agency reported that there was some sleet/freezing rain overnight, but it has all changed back to snow at present. The precipitation reached our area around 2:00 PM EST on Friday and has been going non-stop since. It is expected to continue through the day and into early tomorrow morning.

I’m usually not much on photos, but I did take a few pictures:

The area behind my apartment. This is about three hours after the beginning of the storm.
This was taken around midnight today. At this point it had been snowing for 10 hours.
This was taken at 8:00 AM. Snow had drifted to this height, but I had heard that there was about a foot of snow on the ground.
Completely covered boots from my morning excursion.
The snow drift at my back door. Yes, there is snow inside the track.
The area behind my apartment at 10:00 AM EST. Twenty hours after the storm began, and snow is still coming down.

Snow is still falling at the time of writing with high winds. If you live in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) or Delmarva (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) areas, please remain at home and don’t go out on the roads unless you have to—but if you do venture out, use caution. Let the road crews do their work to try and keep up with the snow. A shout out to them, and to the local emergency management agency for keeping us informed. I know there are places in the U.S. where this type of snow happens more frequently, so my apologies if I sound like a bit of wuss about the snow. I’m going to try and get more pictures later in the afternoon and may post those later today.

6 Replies to “The Blizzard Of 2016”

    1. I didn’t dig the car out, but I did clear it off some. It’s probably covered back up now. The kids in the neighborhood did build a snowman though. I’ll try to dig it out tomorrow when it stops.


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