Gone Like A Puff Of Smoke

He sat at the bar, waiting for his companion to arrive. He ordered his drink, and turned behind him to look out the window. Not seeing her, he waited patiently for the drink to appear in front of him. Within seconds, she walked through the door. He waited for her to come closer, pulled out her chair next to him and greeted her warmly. After small talk and a drink order for her, he couldn’t see that two surprises were waiting for him.

The first surprise was another woman, obviously familiar to his companion by the wave she gave her, came to the bar and sat on his opposite side. Introductions were made, and while chit chat was going on among the three, a second surprise appeared. A tall gentleman entered the bar and took the spot on his companion’s opposite side. The two of them made small talk as well. This was unexpected. The guy figured this outing was just for two; not four.

His date turned her attention to the gentleman at her side, while he turned his attention to surprise #1. Phone numbers were quickly exchanged, while his companion was deep in conversation. Food was ordered, as well as more drinks. As he talked more and more with his new friend, he discovered that she felt much the same about his date. As everyone left the bar, the conversation between the two new friends continued via text message into the night.

Several months later, he got a message on Facebook from his new friend. She wanted to get together again for drinks at happy hour. A date for the following weekend was quickly scheduled, then she gave word that she might be interested in going out together on the upcoming Friday, prior to the already scheduled date. Much like the original date with his former companion, he found himself waiting at the bar for another woman to arrive. He got a text message from her; she had to cancel. Upset stomach. He thought nothing of it; he had another date in his pocket with her for the following week.

Comes the date of the second scheduled get together. He feels a bit nervous; not sure what to expect. Before he could get out the door another text message. This one, a work emergency. Profuse promises to show up when she was finished. This one threw him for a bit-wait until he received word and show up at the appointed spot, or go ahead, be optimistic and sit and wait. Optimism won the day, so it was off to the bar, where he waited two hours for the work emergency to be finished and his date to show up. Finally received a message that she wasn’t going to make it. She offered more apologies, and an offer to reschedule. He accepted. After the exchange of messages, he ordered dinner, and another drink, then left the bar.

After a few days, he texted his new friend to see what would be a suitable time for a date. He received no answers to his texts. He figured, she may be busy, maybe she’s doing some work. He waited. Tried texting again; day after day no response. Went to Facebook to try and send a message; finds out she unfriended him on the social network site.

He asked himself the question: how did a woman, who seemingly wanted to get together so much she asked him when would be a good time, end up with no interest in getting together at all? How did you come in out of nowhere and leave the same way? Basically you went out like a puff of smoke, trailing off into the ether.



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