The Kudos, aka Where Y’all Been?

So, despite my best efforts to ignore them, I’ve been looking at my numbers over the last couple of months here in my corner of the blogosphere. And it looks like things have perked up—considerably! Recently I passed 100 WordPress followers for the blog. Who knew (I mean, besides WordPress)? And I’ve noticed, both on and offline, that people who are my friends on Facebook are starting to read the blog. How have I noticed? Well besides the numbers, the number of people who have asked me about certain posts (namely this one and this one) has steadily increased. Not to mention, these folks are telling me that they enjoy my writing. Thank you so much, but what I want to know is: where y’all been?

So this post will serve as a thank you to the new readers (especially those of you who just came in from Facebook) as well as a bit of a re-introduction to some and an introduction to others of who I am and how this all came to be.

Let me begin by answering some of the common questions I’ve been getting over the last couple of weeks:

Q. Did those posts really happen, or did you make it up/take it from a book?

A. Yes, those are from my personal experiences. Names have been deleted because, you know. I can’t go telling all the business. Some of you out there who know me personally already know who I’m talking about.

Q. How long have you been writing/blogging?

A. I’ve been blogging at A Joyful Process since November of 2014. Those of you from Facebook who are only now seeing my posts, they been cross posting there (in summary form) since I started. Before that, I had two other blogs—Mind Pinball and The Dodson Citizen, that I shut down, both here at WordPress. In fact, I started A Joyful Process while I had the Dodson Citizen online as well. I’ve been a blogger since April 2008. I started out with a blog similar to AJP, but it turned into a sports blog when I started writing predominantly about the Orioles and Ravens. I then started writing for a while at the Baltimore Sports Report and for Tailgate365. Eventually, I tired of sports and started the The Dodson Citizen, which then became AJP.

Q. How can I get all of your posts?

A. First, thank you for checking in! You can get them by clicking on the Follow button on the right hand side of the front page, just under the big “Follow Blog By Email” heading. That’s probably the easiest way. You’ve probably seen the post summaries on Facebook; if you are my friend there, you can click the links included to get the latest stuff. If you follow me on Twitter (@mindpinball), links to my posts also show up there as well. Or you could sign up and read through an RSS Reader, like feedly, which will bring the posts to you once you subscribe. There are subscription links on the right hand sidebar as well. You need help? Use the “Contact Me” link to the right of the heading at the top of the page.

And now, some thank yous for the kudos:

First, thanks to WordPress and the bloggers that follow me. Y’all don’t know how good it feels to have others read and enjoy your work.

Second, to those who have just joined in, thank you for coming by! I hope I can give you more stuff that you like, but even if you don’t, at least look it over! While some of you have asked when or if I’m writing a book or movie screenplay, I can’t answer you on that. I never had that kind of ambition. But apparently, many of you seem to think, based on the two posts highlighted above, that either of those pursuits are in the realm of possibility. Let’s just say, I won’t rule anything out; but as of right now, I’ll strictly stick to blogging.

Anyway for those of you who are new, here is what you will find here: posts about music, sports, stuff that amuses me and stuff, period. Just this month I have written about Natalie Cole, David Bowie, and Martin Luther King, Jr. I’ve also spent a little time in my personal life (as some of you Facebook friends well know), and also talked about candy and baseball here as well. The mind goes in a million different directions, and I don’t get a lot of what I think about writing about down in the blog. But I do try to write well whatever I’m focusing on for each particular post.

Finally, I want to make a few final statements. For far too long, I have always doubted this gift. When I got compliments for what I have written, I always downplayed them. I talked and walked them down. I did thank people for reading, but deep down I always felt as if what I wrote wasn’t good enough. In fact, not only just my writing, but my feelings about me in general were always traced back to me not ever being good enough—or that I always knew someone else was better, without even making an effort. That ends in 2016. I’m going to accept all the good that comes my way—not only accept it, but embrace it. I always thought that downplaying any compliment was a way of being modest, or showing humility. What it really was was a way to downgrade my ability to write, and by extension, myself. A fellow WordPress blogger friend keeps telling me to stop down talking myself—and it’s about time that I listened. I’m not saying I’m the best blogger/writer that ever lived, but for once I believe that I am good enough. And that makes a difference.

Also, for the new readers, please read this post—it’s the one that got me writing again when I ran into a serious case of writer’s block. It’s also the post that contains the message that I think about every time I sit down at the keyboard and create something here at AJP. And also, feel free to comment! I don’t bite, and I promise I will respond to as many comments as I can, even if it’s just to thank you for the comment and reading the post.

Again, thank you so much, for helping me to believe in me and whatever talent I may possess.

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