The Epically Awesome Award


Many, many thanks once again to Amaya911 for nominating me for this epically awesome award. Granted, she nominated me way back in December, but I’m accepting it now (there isn’t a time limit on this is there? Does that mean I’m no longer “epically awesome” if I’ve taken so long to accept?). Please make sure to include Life Of An El Paso Woman (that’s Lisa’s blog) in your internet wanderings, and sign up to follow her! She’s coming through with several great interviews, plus there is the usual great writing about life in the area, food, and all kinds of good things. Hey, it’s gotta be a good blog—I got to guest post once (thanks again)!

Of course, with any blog award, there has to be rules. Always rules. So what are the rules for this one:

The Award Rules:

  1. I know you are awesome, tell us why. (Ha!)
  2. You are my friends and tell us about others.
  3. Be creative. It’s alright if you can’t be.
  4. I have no questions to be fully answered, so let yourself go here.

Let me tell you why I am awesome. I am awesome because I write in the best blogger community there is…WordPress. I am awesome because I endeavor to be a nice person, a good father, and a better human being each and every day. I am awesome because I stand on the shoulders of people who were awesome before me. And I am awesome because Amaya911 says so! (Coming up with traits of my awesomeness ain’t easy!)

Again, the community at WordPress always keeps me entertained and are often very helpful. The person who nominated me for this award has been very friendly and helpful to me, as have several other bloggers (you know who you are; if you don’t know and feel you should be mentioned, fill in the blank here ____________ and include yourself. Also I would like to thank several of my friends on Facebook and offline who encourage and uplift me with their kind words about my writing and about me personally.

I have a job in local County government during the day, so there aren’t many opportunities to be creative…but every now and then I will randomly dance to a song on the radio. Does that count?

At this point, I should probably nominate some bloggers for this wonderful award, but everyone I have run into here has been epically awesome. To single out a few would ultimately leave some others out. I would just like to thank those of you that have been kind enough to look at these posts here in my corner of the internet, those of you that have been compelled to comment and to those that have encouraged me enough so that I could be considered “epically awesome.”

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