Yes, “I’ll Be Good”

One of my friends from Twitter sent me a video of a song she found on YouTube that she said reminded  her of me and a mutual friend. Of course, I played the song; it killed back when it was out and it still kills today. What I didn’t count on though, was that it would still be in my head for two days. And if I had been thinking, when I saw this post yesterday, I would have posted this song, but I posted the Gap Band’s “Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)” instead. A great song, yes; one of the Gap Band’s best. But the song that has taken up residence is this one by René & Angela, and yes it totally meets the funky requirements of that post.


Can you say killer groove? I think you can, and this has one heck of a killer groove. That’s why it has earwormed in my head for the last two days, some thirty-one years after it was a popular R&B smash. Yeah, I should have posted this yesterday. I might have gotten a few blank stares (blog-wise); but those that know, they know. And the 12″ version is the best representation of the song, in my opinion. The guitar part alone makes it better; it wasn’t emphasized on the album version. But add in those synth bass lines and that beat…

(puts it on and gets his two-step going)…..

(eight minutes later)

It’s too bad that the song was one of the last hits the duo ever had. Coming off their most popular album Street Called Desire, “I’ll Be Good” was one of four top 10 R&B hits for René Moore & Angela Winbush out of five released singles. It has been said that there was friction between the two that caused them to both pursue solo careers shortly after the album’s chart run. Winbush got the better end of that deal, having several top ten R&B hits of her own, a thriving production career (Sheena Easton, Stephanie Mills, The Isley Brothers) and even spent some time as the spouse to Ronald Isley. Moore pretty much faded from view, though he did co-write Michael Jackson’s “Jam” from his Dangerous album.

(puts it back on and gets the two-step going again)…


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