He stared at the newspaper. Couldn’t believe it was in his hands, given that he was at work and wasn’t being paid to read a newspaper on company time. But there it was, turned to the want ads, with one help wanted ad in particular circled.

The paper had been given to him by his supervisor, who politely suggested, “I think you should apply for this job.” The job he had trouble seeing, circled in the newsprint. Of all the things, he thought. He reflected back, wondering if there had been something wrong with his performance. Whether he had started slipping after almost fourteen years on the job.

Funny thing was, he had that job before the supervisor started working there. In fact, she was hired in the same position as he was, but she had different responsibilities. When the supervisor that was in charge at that time left for a new position with another organization, she asked him if it would be alright if she applied for the job. He had no problems at that time; he didn’t want the job. Had no ambition for it.

But there he was a few years later, staring at a help wanted ad, for a job he didn’t even know he was interested in. Or rather, he wasn’t interested in. He talked to his friends about the incident later that day and into the night. Each and every one of them told him the same thing: go on and apply for that job. It’s with a bigger company, with better pay and benefits. More opportunities to learn and grow.

He had to admit, he had gotten comfortable where he was. And he felt a little disrespected when the supervisor, his former co-worker, brought him the want ad to tell him to try for a new job. But he couldn’t believe she was asking him to do this. And the thought made him more than a little angry. I’ll show you, he thought to himself. So he went ahead and applied. And he got an interview.

Still in some semblance of disbelief, he went into the interview and nailed it. But he didn’t get the job that was advertised. His heart sunk when he got the call; he had made up his mind that it had become time to leave his current job. And now he was going to have to go back. But he got word that another job at the same organization as the one that offered the original job would come open in six weeks and that he would be offered that position. So he waited.

Three weeks later, the job was his. Some people lose jobs by getting fired. Some lose jobs by getting laid off. He lost a job (but got a new one) by being newspapered.

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