Deep Creek Weekend

So, the Joyful Processor had a weekend getaway to Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland to relax and hang out with his friends and some new folks he had yet to meet. Just before noon on Friday, his two best friends arrived to pick him up. Our hearts still heavy with the news of Maurice White’s passing, we listened to the songs I had chosen in this post on the first leg of the trip. The ride to our destination was a four hour drive which we managed with little to no traffic issues. By 6:30 that evening, everyone had arrived at the destination.

This is my fourth trip to Deep Creek Lake and I’ve spent time in four different rentals. This one was very nice, much like the others though it seemed a little unassuming from the outside. Inside, the rental had a very nice layout, with plenty of room for the many travelers who came. We also were able to use a barbecue grill, hot tub and pool table. In all, there were eleven of us together, ranging in ages from mid-twenties to late forties.

There were some minor disappointments on the trip. We were not able to eat at the restaurant that was our first choice on Friday evening, so we ended up in a different place just across the parking lot. While it may not have been what we were initially looking for, the dinner was good enough. And we didn’t get to go to the mountain on Saturday for tubing and rollercoaster rides—the resort was booked for the day. So we had to change plans—which basically meant an all-day hangout with lots of food and beverages of the adult kind. But I don’t remember anyone being all that disappointed in not getting to the mountain for the day.

Some of the moments of the trip: a girl no one knew asked my buddy to teach her how to dance (how does one do that instantaneously?); at the bar we went to after dinner, one of our party rode the mechanical bull (interesting place; I’d never seen a mechanical bull in the same area with a DJ playing at the same time); nothing can get people together like playing Cards Against Humanity and other games; I got to meet the Queen of Flip Cup (an adult drinking game where you flip a Solo cup upside down in a relay type game played with teams); flatulence jokes apparently never go out of style, no matter your age; and I learned that a tampon can be used for earplugs (to keep out the snoring). There will be in-jokes among all of us who were there for years to come. I also learned that despite the range in ages of the people there, we all have an appreciation for 90s music. Because we spent most of the television time tuned into the Music Choice 90s channel (with hip hop classics for part of the time) it was a good time for people from different backgrounds to share a common interest. On the way there, the three of us who traveled together listened to and enjoyed some 90s R&B, which sparked several music discussions among us.

Unfortunately, Music Choice has a high repeat factor, because I’m sure I heard Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” at least three times before we left yesterday.

Some examples of the other music we heard/enjoyed:

It was a great trip and everyone had a good time. To me, the best part was the fellowship shared among people who came from different backgrounds and different races. Having a good time with others is what this trip is all about—and once again, the mission was successful.

Do you prefer taking vacations in the winter or the summer? This was a little short for what I would usually call a vacation, but what say you? Is a weekend getaway a mini-vacation or just a vacation? Have your say in the comments.

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    1. That’s what this one has been for us. It’s good to go to beat the winter blues, even if where you go is cold. It’s at least far enough away from home that you don’t want to think about what’s waiting back there. Thanks for your comment!

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  1. I prefer fall vacations. We went to Disney World two years ago in October. It wasn’t as crowded and the weather was beautiful. It was about 80 to 85 degrees everyday. It only rained once for about an hour. I also got a nice tan! The prices for the hotel and flight were less expensive because October isn’t really their peak season. This was of course another plus. My son gets two weeks off in October because he goes to school year round. I really like that because most schools are in session at that time. We also went to Cali five years ago in October. Disney Land or Universal Studios weren’t that crowded.

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    1. One of the things we never got around to doing was taking the girls to Disney Land or Disney World. Fall is definitely a good time of year to take a vacation. I didn’t know that school was year-round where you live; I don’t think many (if any) school districts here in Maryland go year-round.

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      1. It was a great experience! I’ve been to Disney Land a lot of times but this was my first time in Florida. Some schools here are year round, not all. I went to school year round.

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      1. That’s true! They said they did it so that the students could retain more material. They did it back when I was in 4th grade. From 4th grade on, my schooling was year round until I went to college. There’s seven different school districts here in El Paso. Three of them are year round.

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  2. Cards against humanity is a guilty pleasure of mine, and you’re right, fart jokes are timeless :). I’m glad you had a good weekend! I’m trying to get my husband to take a day trip to Western MD with me, as it’s a beautiful part of the state. He’s not quite as enamored by Maryland as I am, but to him it’s all about dealing with DC traffic.

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    1. Thank you Kara! Keep trying to convince your husband to go, it’s beautiful there. My friends and I try to go every year. We’ve even mentioned trying to go in the summer, but we haven’t done that yet.


  3. You forgot Dana Dane!!! The trip was a mini-vacation for me that I thoroughly look forward to! As you stated, just far enough away from home…… You always make the trip memorable and enjoyable! Thanks for being my wingman Friday! You took wrong exits with me and a potty break in P.A., without any complaints!!!! Thank You for being you and always keeping it real and interesting!!!!🙈🙉🙊
    Side note: No mention of the author’s dancing!

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  4. OK that is all music I grew up to. Lol. The last one is the only song I don’t know. I love cards against humanity as horrible as it is. Lol shoot, I wish I was on that vacation because it sounds fun and I love me some diversity! I was listening to some Montel Jordan today, Get it on Tonight


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