My Attempt At A Musical Love Letter

With apologies to Kevin “Slow Jammin'” James, I tried to write a love letter using tunes you would hear on a Quiet Storm program. When I used to listen to the Quiet Storm on the radio, James would use this device on the songs that he played from time to time. So I thought I would try it.  I blogged this once before on this post, but I’m going to try to put the song titles in the form of an actual letter. Hopefully, it will make sense. The song titles are in bold.

Dear Lover,

Hello, it’s me. On this love’s holiday, I write this straight from the heart. You are my friend, and you bring me joy. You’ve given me a reason to love, and I think I’m falling in love with you. This must be heaven, because it feels like a dream. You are my angel, and your smile is like sunshine. Please stay in my corner, because I want to be with you. When I’m kissing you, we’re inseparable; you send me swingin’ through the clouds. You are such a sexy thang, nobody does me like you do. Lady, I only have eyes for you; we both deserve each other’s love.

The way you share your precious love proves that you know how to make me feel so good. You are so amazing; nothing has ever felt like this. What we have is a real love that keeps me so so satisfied. I promise to always be by your side. Just call my name; I won’t let you down.

Ain’t it funny what love can do? I was hurt before, but it don’t hurt now. You’re the only woman for me and you’re the best thing yet to ever come into my life. I don’t want to lose you; I’ve got so much to give, and I’m giving my all to you. I just want to tell you that I love you, and I want to know, is it good to you? If it is, baby, come close. Close the door and let me make love to you.

I know it’s probably way too long, but I love so many of those songs. They are perfect as a soundtrack for a romantic evening, if your taste in music runs into Quiet Storm territory or old school R&B ballads.  I hope you like it. I created it originally for someone I was seeing as a Valentine’s Day gift. Since the day is getting close, I thought I’d bring it back out here.


12 Replies to “My Attempt At A Musical Love Letter”

  1. Reblogged this on seekthebestblog and commented:
    I just simply could not let this post sit idle in the alcoves of A Joyful Process Blog!
    My musical Twin (T. Wayne) DID that with this! It’s from February 2016; hence the love vibe 🙂
    Check it out! If R&B is your thing, this post will give you life!
    PS: As a courtesy, please leave your comments on T. Wayne’s
    LadyG 😘💋

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