Where’d You Get That Funk From?

This might be too obvious a choice for a morning groove, considering the fact that it is a Wednesday, aka “hump day” to many. And the song does contain the lyric “I got to get over the hump.”

Which, to me, makes it a perfect choice.

With James Brown on the wane, the funk mantle was taken up (or owned, depending on your perspective) by George Clinton and his Parliament-Funkadelic crew. As a child, I had no idea what the lyrics were about (and to be frank, I still don’t really), but the music was awesome.

And it still is. From the album that gave us “Flashight,” I chose “Bop Gun (Endangered Species)” this morning, because I’m sure somebody, somewhere, has got to get over the hump. I know I do.

And to answer the question in the title of the post—I got it from Parliament, that horn-driven band Clinton fronted that gave him a slew of R&B hits throughout the 70s. You feeling funky today? Tell me all about it (with a song, if you like) in the comments.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading.

16 Replies to “Where’d You Get That Funk From?”

    1. “Squib Cakes”! Yes! Great, great song, from a great band. Ranks in my top 5 Tower of Power songs.

      I am still amazed that George Clinton could have two great bands going with two different styles at the same time. The whole P-Funk thing was running the show after James Brown started to decline.

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