Flashback Friday: “Don’t Walk Away”

I wasn’t going to do a morning groove for today. Except that today’s Flashback Friday is a morning groove.

So 90s, this one.

I couldn’t wait for the video. And when it came on, I was glued to the set.

Three beautiful girls. Short shorts. Bare midriffs. Dance moves.

That “Jungle Boogie” sample (who knew that the breakdown from Kool & The Gang’s 1974 R&B smash would drive so many other songs?).

I’ve heard people tell me they used the intro as their voice mail greeting. I’ve seen people break out dancing spontaneously as soon as the beat drops (or maybe that was just me).

If I ever make a mixtape of 90s dance songs, this one goes at or near the top of the list. Because when I hear it, something is moving.

Today’s Flashback Friday is Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away.” Wherever Tonya Kelly, Di Reed and Joi Marshall may be today, I thank them for one shining moment from my mid-twenties. Their biggest hit is still played whenever people want to remember the good R&B of the early to mid-nineties. It killed then, and still does.

Enjoy, and Happy Friday! And if you have a memory associated with this song, tell me all about it.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Next week, Flashback Friday is being taken over by a guest blogger. Stay tuned!

8 Replies to “Flashback Friday: “Don’t Walk Away””

      1. No! Ha ha! I’m just saying this song was the bomb like in middle school for me. I was like in sixth or seventh grade. They would always play it on the radio. They still play it on the old school station here. Were they one-hit wonders?

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