No More Pain

ISIS ‘beheads teenage boys for listening to pop music and missing Friday prayers

One good thing about music
when it hits you you feel no pain-Bob Marley, “Trenchtown Rock”

The story linked to above actually refers to one boy, 15-year-old Ayham Hussein, who was beheaded for listening to “Western music.” From the article:

According to ARA News, a 15-year-old boy named Ayham Hussein was caught during a patrol by Isis fighters, listening to music in his father’s grocery store.

A spokesman for the Kurdish Nineveh media center was quoted by ARA News as saying the boy was listening to “Western music”. “He was referred to the Sharia Court, which issued a decision to execute him.”

The boy was reportedly publicly beheaded, before his body was handed to his family on Tuesday evening.

It is impossible to verify the report, but Kurdish media seem to suggest the incident has led to rare public displays of outrage.

Whether the story is legitimate or not, the very thought that listening to the “wrong” kind of music could cause you to lose your life saddens me. The Marley lyric quoted above is what I think about when I listen to music. When a song I like makes me feel good, there isn’t pain involved. There is joy. And I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet young Hussein wasn’t feeling any pain listening to whatever song was playing in his father’s store.

All of you know that I write about and listen to a lot of music. Not once was  I concerned that loss of life would be a result when I choose a song to post, or to listen to offline. The United States may have its faults, but beheading citizens for listening to the “wrong” music isn’t one of them.

Makes me wonder…

Thanks, Marvin. Perhaps the only hit song ever to have NFL players as backup vocalists. Let’s hope there are no more Ayham Husseins losing their lives because of music.

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