From The Country, To The City

There once was a time when bands would include instrumentals on their albums. Those instrumentals weren’t relegated to jazz or what is now known as smooth jazz stations, either. Some bands back in those days would even release albums that were mostly instrumental music; MFSB comes to mind. For today’s morning groove, I’m choosing War’s instrumental “City, Country, City.”

What I love about this song is the way the tempo varies, suggesting the slower pace of the country, versus the uptempo of the city. I also love the way the band gives its members—Lee Oskar, Charles Miller, Lonnie Jordan and Howard Scott in particular—time to shine on harmonica, saxophone, organ and guitar, respectively. And that doesn’t include Papa Dee Allen on percussion, cooking throughout.

While certainly War was better known for “Low Rider” or “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” or even “The Cisco Kid”, they could also jam a bit too. Hope you enjoy your Sunday! Thanks for reading and listening.

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