Just A Little Lovin’, This Will Do

Horns and strings. I miss horns and strings.

Not synthesized horns and strings. Though I’ve heard plenty of songs that have those, some of which aren’t bad at all. A good many are pretty good, actually. But that’s not real horns, and real strings.

This song here, though. It’s all real. Seven and a half minutes of the self-proclaimed “Vanilla Child,” with one of the funkiest numbers she ever released. By this time, she had come out from under Rick James’ wings, and was producing herself. She also didn’t have to hide her race on an album cover any longer, as she did with her debut (her second Motown album, Lady T, featured her face). I can only imagine the reaction many R&B fans of color had after hearing her voice and then finding out she was white.

But after that, Teena Marie was embraced wholeheartedly by the R&B community, so much so that even after “Lovergirl” put her in the pop top 10, they never let her go.

The morning groove for today is one of my favorite Teena Marie songs. It never fails to put me in a good mood. And when I play it, I play it LOUD.

Do you have to even ask? Yes, of course there’s dancing involved.

Enjoy your Monday! Thanks for reading and listening.

Two-step time…

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