I’ll Be Alone, Dancing

Today’s groove is one that I’ve described as timeless. I remember the song from college, from the movie The Breakfast Club, and from hearing it seemingly around the clock on the radio back in the day. But none of that makes it timeless.

What makes it timeless is when my daughter watches the movie, and sings along with the song like it’s brand new—never mind the fact that it is over 30 years old now, older than she is. The fact that a song like this resonates with someone who wasn’t even born when the movie or the song was released—that, to me, makes it timeless. And let’s face it: I still like this song too, after all these years.

I can remember raiding the bookstore, getting the album and enjoying it (on cassette tape of course). I didn’t have a CD player—yet. Only the really rich kids on campus had those. I was working in the college mail room to put some money in my pocket. I grew up a lot in college, and one of the best things to ever happen there was getting to listen to a lot of different types of music. Not all of it stuck with me when I left, but I was certainly the better for having experienced it.

Enjoy your Thursday! Thanks for listening and reading.

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