I Am Just A Starchild Born In Space

Back in the early 80s, every week seemed to have a new song coming from the UK that was making people take notice. This particular song was already past its peak when I first heard it, more than likely on a late night show that specialized in dance tunes. What I would come to find out later, up in New York, the song was being used as backing music for break dancing and pop locking. At that time, I wasn’t doing those dances, but I was listening for songs with good grooves and hot basslines. This song has both in spades.

Mark King’s bass drives the song forward, but it’s the synthesizer work that thrills, even after all these years. I know I wrote earlier this week that I miss horns and strings, but I also loved some of the songs that were synthesizer-dominated too. And this was one of those songs.

And while I remember this song fondly, it was while reading this poem that the song flashed into my head, and made me think to include it for today’s morning groove. One has practically nothing to do with the other; only the titles are the same.

If you haven’t heard it, take a listen to Level 42’s “Starchild.” It’s of a piece of some songs from England that I loved from that time; I hope to feature a few more of them in future morning groove posts.

Enjoy your Saturday, and thanks for listening and reading.

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