Baby, I’ve Been Making Plans For You

So Jerry Seinfeld, Wale and Usher meet in a recording studio…and I’m pretty sure that isn’t how this collaboration came together. Or at least, not quite that way.

However the three talents got together, this song works. It’s an interesting look at marriage and what marriage is about. From Seinfeld’s spoken word introduction and outro, to Wale’s rap about it, to Usher’s amazing hook that brings the whole thing together.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d hear Jerry Seinfeld on a hip hop/R&B record. Turns out though, he’s all over Wale’s latest release The Album About Nothing. It’s another album that I didn’t quite get through last year (I know, again), but I did hear this song plenty, and it was one of my favorites. If the title seems somewhat familiar, remember that Seinfeld was “the show about nothing.”

There are some lyrics included that are not worksafe in this song. So, you’ve been warned.

It’s a slowed-down morning groove for the first Tuesday of March. Enjoy, and have a great day! Thanks for reading and listening, as always.

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