Pimping for Likes

Had to share this post. It’s something that bloggers face all the time. I try not to get sucked in by the numbers, but it’s real easy to do. Truly, I write because I enjoy writing. Thanks, Tikeetha for this post.

A Thomas Point of View

A lot of bloggers have been posting their stats because it shows an increase in traffic to their blog. That’s awesome. We all want traffic to our blogs. That signifies growth for many of us.

However, there are some bloggers that aren’t doing that. You can tell by some of their depressing posts about not getting followers, viewers or maybe they should just stop blogging. A very pessimistic view towards blogging starts to emerge.  So, I ask the questions…

  • Are we mainly blogging for traffic?
  • Are we pimping our content for likes instead of writing genuinely?

The question was asked by another blogger, Jason, An Opinionated Man, whether you are here for the views. Do you care about the number of views? Great question right? Many bloggers are definitely here for views because they are writers who want to increase traffic and/or promote their books. Jason, has over 1.4 million…

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3 Replies to “Pimping for Likes”

  1. When I started blogging, I never expected to get people to read most of my stuff. But when I started getting reads and comments, I let it go to my head for a bit. Now, I am back to good ol’ Deb. I just write, and read from others. I try visiting the stats page once in a while but I can barely understand it. The love of writing will always be key. it’s important not to forget that.

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    1. That’s what is important! Remember the writing and the enjoyment it brings, as well as sharing with and reading others. Keeping that in mind is a challenge if you are only worrying about the numbers.

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