You Don’t Have To Admit You Wanna Play

Today on the Process, it’s time to give those blue-eyed soul brothers a bit of the spotlight. I’m not talking the Average White Band, or Robin Thicke, or even Gino Vanelli. Rare Earth, the Righteous Brothers, or Mayer Hawthorne. Later on today for Flashback Friday, I’ll have another one of the club. But I’m not gonna tell you now; you gotta come back and see who I’ve chosen for that honor this week.

Today for the morning groove, I’m bringing up the former New Mickey Mouse club kid, *N’Sync heartthrob, golf-loving, 20/20 Experience making, Jessica Biel husbanding….ok, maybe the intro is a bit much.

It’s Justin Timberlake.

Feel that early 2000s Neptunes production (Thanks, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, et. al.)! Get a sense of the Michael Jackson vibe! That is intentional, by the way: the story is that this song was written for Jackson for his Invincible album, but he rejected it. The Neptunes pulled it back for Timberlake’s debut solo album. And it’s a good thing they did, or we wouldn’t have this song to kick off my Friday morning groove. It’s also the song that was sung during the Super Bowl halftime where Janet Jackson had her infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” But who remembers that, right?

This is a good song to kick off your Friday, I’d say. We made it, y’all! The end of the work week is near…and where I am in Maryland, there is snow on the ground. Winter cannot end fast enough. Thankfully, it isn’t another blizzard.

Enjoy the morning groove for today, and as always, thanks for reading and listening. The video has started…so you know what I’m doing. 🙂

13 Replies to “You Don’t Have To Admit You Wanna Play”

    1. Yes, it sounds like a song he would have sung. Timberlake is mad talented. I was choosing between this and another of his songs, chose this one because of the Jackson story. Glad you liked the song!

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