The Stuff That Bounces Around In My Head II

When your blog has the tagline “when stuff comes in, this is what comes out,” you are often dealing with a lot of stuff. Most of the stuff makes it to this blog in the form of the two hundred and forty-nine posts (soon to be plus one) that have been published. But my mind is restless. There are plenty of things I could write about, but I either don’t have time, or I don’t flesh the ideas out enough to make it to publish. So what we have here is a kind of cleaning out of the junk drawer. Only the junk drawer is in my head.

  • I can’t say that I’ve been watching the numerous debates and town halls on television as the country lurches toward November’s elections. I get the sense that there isn’t a whole lot of substance in these televised circus acts/reality shows, but what I am also getting a sense of is that I really don’t feel all that enthusiastic about any of the candidates for President. I, like many, am amazed at how well Donald Trump has done; while I am not a fan, he is giving his constituency what it wants. And that makes me very nervous, whether he wins or loses. The fact that there is a large group of Americans who would rather be right as opposed to working together on some of its problems makes me fearful for our future. In fact, it’s this kind of obstructionism and failure to make any meaningful progress that is making people feel unease. When you’d rather shout at each other about being right, instead of working to find common ground and do what is best for the people, well this is the kind of government we get. And we all lose. Remember, we all have more that unites us than divides us. But like this? WE ALL LOSE.
  • Related: did we really need all these debates and town halls? They have been going on since the middle of LAST YEAR—with the election over one year away! Now that it is dragging closer to November, I think many of us are tired of the soundbite politics that these carnival shows are set up to provide us.
  • I was feeling a little anxious recently about some personal issues that I’ve been dealing with, when I was reminded that I can get through all of them by just focusing on what needs to be done, being mindful of the moment and just letting some things go. And while the issues haven’t completely gone away, I know that I will be fine, regardless of what happens. I have taken some steps forward in dealing with a few of the things that seem to be worrying me, and I like the progress I am making. So for now, I’m trying to be content with what I have and where I am, while looking to continue to improve and go forward.
  • As many of you have no doubt noticed, the blog has become very music heavy recently. That may be by design; I am fond of music and I love writing about it. With the ability to hear music every day on the job, and with music always around even on off hours, it would be foolish to ignore its call to my sensors. One song that I’ve wanted to feature on the blog, but haven’t quite figured out how to write about it is by The Foreign Exchange. From their latest album Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey, the song “Body” exemplifies what is now called R&B for the “grown & sexy.” Unlike some albums from the past year, I did get to listen to and enjoy this one very much. I’ve been a fan since Leave It All Behind was released back in 2008, and even went back and got the first album, Connected. Needless to say, I’ve gotten every album since then.

Not bad for a group formed when lead singer Phonte Coleman asked Nicolay (born Matthijs Rook in the Netherlands) if he could vibe over a beat he had heard from him over the internet.

  • It is probably wise not to put too much stock in the first week of baseball preseason games, but the Baltimore Orioles are already making me nervous. The first week of games has seen the pitching staff get rocked regularly—but again, it’s the first week of preseason games. No need to panic yet. Opening day is a few weeks off. If the balls are flying off the bats like that when the games count, then I’ll have reason to worry. Until then, get ready for the season, and let’s go O’s!

12 Replies to “The Stuff That Bounces Around In My Head II”

  1. I hear ya’ on the stuff bouncing around, and not making it to a post. Time is my biggest obstacle. As for The Trumpster Fire, I fear many things related to him, namely that he’ll actually win the whole damn thing. I pray to my god that it’s not the path chosen. Great post! 🙂

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