Don’t Make A Sound, Just Move Out

For years, I thought it was a guy.

My apologies, Alison Moyet.

Truth is, I apologized years ago, when I found out that it wasn’t a guy on the lead vocal of this classic 80s dance cut. Yazoo (or as they were known in the U.S., Yaz) released this song as their first North American single back in 1983. This remix by Francois Kevorkian broke in the dance clubs that year, and was also heard on plenty of urban radio stations. That is where I discovered it.

Back then I had no idea who was on it. Of course, I found out later that it was Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet who formed the duo in 1981 after Clarke had left Depeche Mode and answered an advertisement Moyet placed in Melody Maker, a weekly magazine. With Clarke on keyboards and Moyet’s vocals they tore up the dance scene for two albums and then broke up, citing differences, a lack of communication, and Clarke’s refusal to record any more songs under the Yazoo name. Clarke would go on to form the group Erasure, while Moyet would fashion a solo career in the U.K.

Another one for the synth and keyboard club, but the mix is what makes it work.

You know what…I suspect many of you haven’t heard it, and some of you may not have heard it in a long time. You’ll find the precursor to a lot of dance music that is out today in this song. It’s the morning groove for this hump day. And I still love it, after all these years. Of course, it’s something to dance to. And I have. Often.

Thanks for reading, and for listening.

15 Replies to “Don’t Make A Sound, Just Move Out”

    1. You are very welcome! I was digging through some 80s songs from England a while ago, and after I played Level 42’s “Starchild,” I played the Yaz song right after it. And I thought…what a great song to feature for the morning! Thanks again!

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