I Just Can’t Control My Feet

With a title like that, there are only a few artists that could make that claim. Michael Jackson was one of them.

It is not a small boast to say that Jackson was the greatest entertainer of my generation. From the time he was very young, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. And when he danced, it was like magic. He had moves for days.

And while his solo success was out of this world, his greatness was first witnessed with his brothers in the Jackson 5, and then after leaving Motown, as the Jacksons. I can remember seeing them on Soul Train, performing “Dancing Machine,” and Michael doing the robot. I might have tried for hours to do it just like him, but I could never quite get it.

From their last album before Michael would taste multi-platinum success with Off The Wall, here is “Blame It On The Boogie,” the lead single from the album Destiny. And when Michael sings the lyric in the title of this post, you just know he isn’t lying.

It’s the Saturday morning groove. It’s part of the freakin’ weekend! Enjoy your day, and thanks for listening and reading.

6 Replies to “I Just Can’t Control My Feet”

  1. My eleven year old daughter loves Michael Jackson. We spend a lot of time dancing to old Jackson 5 songs. We danced in the potato chip aisle of the grocery store a few months ago when we heard I Got You Back on the radio. Live in the moment 🙂

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    1. That’s a fabulous story! I can only imagine dancing in the grocery store, but sometimes when it hits you , you gotta move! Watching Michael dance was seeing greatness in action, for sure. Thanks for your comment!


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