This Is The Goal For My Life

My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be. — Dr. Wayne Dyer

Source: This Is The Goal For My Life

From the Positive Outlooks blog. I  have several goals for 2016, what with it being a milestone year for me. But all of them flow from that one statement above.

Every damn day…and I define better on my own terms. No one else’s.

It’s not even that I was bad before. But I feel a need to improve. To do better. To be better. Better than I was. Not going along to get along. But defining me, and not letting others do it for me.

And I know, it won’t happen overnight, or tomorrow or probably in a week or a month. But if I keep reaching, keep believing in me…there’s nowhere I can’t go. Nothing I can’t do.

The steps, the forward motion—it’s already started. All I have to do is keep the train moving forward. Focus on the goal, the prize. Do that, and everything will come together, fall into place. Do your best not to be anxious. Worrying solves nothing.

This time, I do it for me.

(mic drop)

11 Replies to “This Is The Goal For My Life”

  1. That’s the way and best wishes on that journey. We never stop learning, growing and discovering who we are. Everyday is a milestone to the ultimate milestones. Have a beautiful day! Chevvy.

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  2. Dropping the mic could destroy the mic’s diaphragm and also potentially blow the speakers from the sudden loud percussion that results.
    (set mic down gently)

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    1. Thank you so, so much! This is something that I try to remind myself to do everyday. I had a rough couple of years after my wife left, and I’m starting to feel like my old self again. Partly because of the blog, partly because of time and partly because of those words in this post. I am hoping that I have learned from the past so that I will have a brighter future. 🙂

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      1. You made me have to put down my cell phone and pull out my laptop to respond to this one.
        First, let me say that I so appreciate your honesty. It seems that blogging has been very therapeutic for you and I really get that.
        Personally, I have always wanted to do it but I never had time due to caring for my dear mother who eventually died after a long illness. In addition, I am a mother of two children who are 11 years apart- yes I did bump my head 🙂
        Just kidding, they both are blessings.
        Only recently have a had time to create a blog and make contact with other likeminded individuals like you.
        Sorry to be longwinded but I just wanted to encourage you to keep moving on your positive path and improving. Thanks for taking your readers along with you 🙂
        Much respect,

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      2. Awww…thank you 🙂 Longwindedness is just fine-remember that some very good singers needed that longwindedness to hit those long high notes!
        I have found this to be thereapeutic, both in the writing and in engaging souls who just so happen to stumble across this corner of the internet. Please believe that I like your blog also, so glad that I have found it. So sorry to hear about your mother, and I have two daughters that are seven years apart-not quite the same, but still quite a difference. Thanks so much for the encouragement; it is always appreciated! Much thanks, Tracy (T. Wayne)

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