Benson Takes Us Breezin’

Keeping with the “instrumental Sunday” theme, I present George Benson’s “Breezin'” as the Sunday morning groove.

Up until this album, Benson was primarily known as a guitarist who might sing. After this album, he started to become a singer who just so happens to be a first-rate guitarist. When “This Masquerade” was released as a single, it became a top ten Pop and R&B hit, and won Record Of The Year at the Grammy Awards. And so began a string of songs where Benson’s voice became the featured instrument, while his guitar became a guest addition.

No matter how well he sung, though, Benson’s guitar playing remained his greatest calling card. Listening to this song, one where you don’t hear him scat along with his guitar lines, you can see just how talented he was, and is. On a song written by the late Bobby Womack, and performed originally by Gabor Szabo (also deceased) with Womack on rhythm guitar, Benson simply shines.

Enjoy the song and enjoy your Sunday. As a bonus, here’s Szabo’s original.

8 Replies to “Benson Takes Us Breezin’”

  1. Thanks T, this is a lovely post for my Sunday afternoon, great version too. I am a big George Benson Fan, instrumental, vocal and scat 🙂 I guess I’d match you with ” Mr Magic”. Give me the night brings back solid gold memories and among my other favorites are Masquerade, Star of the story, New day and too many more to count. Have you done a post on Grover Washington jnr yet? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Chevvy.

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      1. Hello T. Spotify hasn’t reached our neck of the woods yet but I did manage to find and listen to the song. It’s outstanding. Thank you so much for introducing it to me – breathtakingly beautiful!

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      2. You’re welcome Chevvy. And thanks for telling me that a Spotify link is up on that post. I’m slowly replacing the Spotify links with YouTube videos. I haven’t gotten to all of them yet. So glad you enjoyed the song though!

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      1. My philosophy on chance is that what is meant to be will be if you’re in the right time and the right place so it’s just great that you found this song and version for me. I loved it. Thank you my friend!

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