Shakespeare In The Spring

“I need a class to fill out this schedule,” he thought to himself. Knowing that he was a class short after dropping calculus in the fall, he studied the class listing schedule, trying to figure out what to pick. Remembering that he needed to fill out classes for his minor concentration in English, he scanned the available classes. After going over them, he chose a class on Shakespeare. Hw-shakespeare

The first few classes, he began to regret making that choice. But rather than drop the class, he stuck with it. Partly because he needed the class to get back on schedule, and partly because even though he struggled at first, he found the class interesting. And his interest was no doubt helped by the pretty girl he met in class, two seats to his right.

He always looked for her when class would start. Eventually, he got up the nerve to say hello, after watching her comment in class after class when the professor would ask questions about the material that was read as homework. If he started out thinking the class was a means to an end, he grew to like and respect that class more as the weeks went by. And from those first interactions with the girl, they began to talk more often, especially after class.

Through a mutual friend, he found out that she lived off campus. He found out a bit later that she shared the apartment with another mutual friend. It wasn’t long before he got an invite to their apartment in town for a party, along with some of the guys in his dorm. At that party, they found out that they both loved to dance, and each showed the other a few moves. While the party was going on, they spent much of the time talking, and having a few drinks. Getting to know each other even more than the chats after class.

He would look back fondly on that night, but even more so on how a class on Shakespeare in the spring helped him make a new friend. One that he would have for a long time.

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