The Voice: Season 10, Show 6

First of all, let me explain: I know there have been seven airings of The Voice for this season, it’s tenth on the air. But one of last week’s shows (that I did not write about) was a recap of how the coaches had stacked their teams to that point from the blind auditions. I felt no need to count that show, and if any other recap shows should appear on the horizon, I won’t recap those either.

So, back to what happened on the sixth show of the new season. Battles! That’s what happened. Although, I’m sorry to report, I was a little underwhelmed. There was nothing in last night’s battle rounds to make me jump out of my seat, throw a hat across the room, or shout with glee. And there was nothing as good as what we saw in Monday night’s battles. Or maybe I’ve become jaded watching the show.

Twelve artists, six battles. Not a great one in the bunch. So blah it was, I’m just going to put them out here and make a few comments.

Leading off the show was a Team Christina Aguilera battle. Shalyah Fearing took on Tamar Davis, and they both sang “Lady Marmalade” by LaBelle. With Patti LaBelle as Aguilera’s guest mentor, that couldn’t have been easy for those girls to sing a song she’s been identified with for over forty years (oh yeah, Christina has a version under her name too). I was afraid they would oversing the song, and unfortunately, they proved me right. Way too much shouting was going on for me. I picked Tamar to win and she did; but Shayla was stolen by Pharrell Williams, using his final steal.

The second battle of the evening pitted two country singers from Team Blake Shelton. Justin Whisnant took on Mary Sarah, and they performed “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn. Blake wanted to give his vintage country singers a vintage country song. It was a solid performance by both, but I thought that Mary Sarah’s experience would win the day. Blake did choose her to remain in the competition, but unfortunately there wasn’t a steal waiting for Justin.

Battle three pitted Jessica Crosbie against Nick Hagelin for Team Pharrell. Pharrell gave them “Electric Feel” by MGMT. Nick proved his falsetto was really good, and had a couple good notes, while Jessica to me seemed to be a little more well rounded, if not exactly reaching for the sky with her vocal choices. While I thought Jessica would win, Pharrell went with Nick. I’m not all that upset about that; he deserves another round to see what he can do. Jessica was stolen by Adam Levine for his team.

The next battle was another Team Christina pairing. Chelsea Gann took on Kata Hay and the singers performed Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m The Only One.” Having not really heard Chelsea sing before (she was in one of the montages), I was impressed with her ability in rehearsals. Unfortunately, neither singer was flawless on stage, and the song did them no favors. It started out shaky with Kata struggling in her lower register, and it never really got too much better. Kata was Christina’s pick, but I think it was based more on her energy and personality than her singing performance.

Taking the stage for Team Adam in battle number five were Natalie Yacovazzi and Nate Butler. The pair would sing “Hollow” by Tori Kelly, who just so happens to be Adam’s guest mentor. Again, way to intimidate the singers by having them sing a song associated with the mentor right in front of them! Both gave it their all, but I was a little underwhelmed. The consensus was that Nate should win, and he did. But he didn’t really impress me too much.

The last battle of the evening had Hannah Huston taking on Maya Smith from Team Pharrell. Sia’s “Elastic Heart” was the song chosen for them. Almost by default, at least for me, it was the best battle of the evening. And of course, the crack editing team at NBC let us know that the loser was getting stolen. Can’t you all give us just a little bit of real suspense? Just once? No? Okay, then. Calling it the best of the evening didn’t really say all that much, though. My Facebook friends watching the show live didn’t like a single battle all night long. Not one. To finish the show off, Pharrell picked Hannah as the winner, and Maya was stolen by Christina. I had it as a tossup, so either one of them could’ve won and I wouldn’t have been upset.

So there it is. A rather less than exceptional night on the show. You’ll notice that I did not say that any of these battles were leaked. For good reason.

Again, leave your impressions of the artists and the battles in the comments. And follow me on Twitter (@mindpinball) to see my impressions in real time.


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