The Voice: Jordan Smith Releases New Album

Season 9 winner of The Voice, Jordan Smith released his first post-show album yesterday, entitled Something Beautiful. I have not heard it or purchased it, but I can imagine it will sound much like what he did during his season on the show. Jordan himself tells what he’s been doing since winning the show and gives a mini-preview of his album in the video below. And for the Adam Levine fans, Jordan’s coach from the season has a little message in the video as well.

If you remember last season, Jordan appeared in the blind auditions without an introduction and managed to bring the house down singing Sia’s “Chandelier.” He started the season as one to watch, if not the front-runner, and pretty much never looked back. I would have liked for him to stretch a little bit from his safe haven of powerful ballads sung marvelously well, but the public ate it up and he breezed to victory.

If you watched last season (Season 9), were you a fan of Jordan’s? Will you buy his album? Voice your opinion in the comments.

4 Replies to “The Voice: Jordan Smith Releases New Album”

    1. I wanted to see him do more; I figured he was going to win. I just wished he showed some range. But yes, there were others just as good, if not better. But once he was established as the front-runner, there was no turning back.

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  1. I loved him on the voice! I was so excited to purchase his Cd. I did just that. I was disappointed. I was waiting for the sound that got the win. It’s not on the cd. Where did the high notes , and awesomeness go???????….. I don’t care if you thought you sounded like a female. You were so amazing! I don’t like the cd. You are not being you!

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