RIP Daryl Coley

The great gospel singer Daryl Coley passed away on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. I didn’t get a chance to write something about his passing on that day, and have been too busy in the following days to put anything down about him or his music. However, that may have worked out for the best, seeing as it is a Sunday that I’m finally getting a chance to have my say about him.

A few months ago, I wrote about Sunday mornings at my house when I was younger. The smell of breakfast cooking, getting ready for church or Sunday school, or if we didn’t go to church on a Sunday, listening to gospel music on the radio. While I don’t feature gospel music all that much here, you can be sure that it played into my musical appreciation growing up. And one of the singers I loved to hear was Daryl Coley, among so many others.

And even as I’ve grown older, and kind of switched places with my mother in regards to regular church going, I still have a fondness for gospel music, and the songs I heard growing up. I’m going to feature a few of the songs Mr. Coley sang that I still love, and remembered upon the news of his passing. RIP, Daryl Coley. Another great singer has gone on and joined the heavenly choir.

Perhaps my favorite Coley performance:

This next one, in particular because of the proximity of Easter:

This one, because I can honestly say, that through all the ups and downs, I have been blessed with so much that I couldn’t possibly tell of everything.

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