Thinking About Mister Magic

I have written several times, in several posts, about my cousin who brought home his large record collection and stereo system. Among his collection were some of the biggest names in R&B and fusion. One of those names that appeared among all those records was Grover Washington, Jr.

It was later that I would find out that he didn’t have Washington’s first three albums: Inner City Blues, All The King’s Horses, and Soul Box. But he did have the fourth album, Mister Magic. And I was so glad he did.

Much like George Duke, I got a lot of knowledge of R&B/jazz fusion dropped on me by listening to Grover’s works. But out of all of them, this one and the follow up, Feels So Good, I played a lot. And the song I played the most was the title cut from Mister Magic.

Featuring a who’s-who of sidemen and arranged by the great Bob James, the song just gets into a groove and cruises for nine minutes. There have been a lot of songs since that have been labeled “smooth jazz,” but only a select few that actually meet the description. Or helped coin the term in the first place.

Enjoy this morning’s groove. And as always thanks for listening and reading.

(Special shout-out to Chevvy8 for reminding me of the late, great Grover Washington, Jr. His saxophone is truly missed down here, but I’m sure he’s blowing strong in heaven’s fusion orchestra).

10 Replies to “Thinking About Mister Magic”

  1. Oh this is lovely and thank you for the mention. Hope you are having a splendid Sunday and you know where I’m headed tonight. Thought I’d add some further spice to this great musician by adding the great Bill Withers on your page. This one’s for you:-)

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    1. Good day to you Chevvy…it seemed only fitting to mention you in this post. I hope you have had a good Sunday as well, and thanks for sharing “Just The Two Of Us.” It’s a wonderful song, and anything with Bill Withers is always good.

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  2. Hi T. Wayne:
    Thanks for this post.
    Growing up, this was the ‘go to’ background music for all things sophisticated 😉 like cotillions, beautillions, fashion shows and all of that sort of stuff! I’ll bet you know what I mean. Nice job!

    RIP Mr. Washington.

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  3. I think Grover Washington, Jr. is the reason I fell in love with the saxophone. I wanted to play it in band, but it was ‘too expensive’ of an instrument so I had to settle for the clarinet. I am determined to teach myself how to play it, though – I have no restrictions, now!
    That, and the bow-string instruments…I love them all, from the tiny viola to the big double-bass!

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