I Ain’t Braggin’, ‘Cause I’m The One

Happy 63rd Birthday, Ms. Chaka Khan! I mentioned in this post that today’s morning groove would feature a song from her solo work. That song is “I’m Every Woman.”

I almost chose “I Feel For You”-her cover of a Prince song that would become one of her biggest hits. And I would not have been ashamed to do so. But I thought that this song was a better choice for today, and it gives a bit of a nod to Women’s History Month. And while many remember Whitney Houston’s 1993 remake of this Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson penned-classic, even she had to shout out Chaka toward the end of her version. That’s mad respect, y’all, because you all know how talented Whitney was with her voice. Fun fact: Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, sang background vocals on Chaka’s original version of the song.

And while I’ve been heartened to see the great respect Chaka has engendered in the comments of the posts I did last week, that respect isn’t automatic in all quarters. A few weeks ago, I gave my sister a #1GottaGo question about female singers (if you aren’t familiar with the game, I give a brief description in this post). The question: out of these four female R&B greats, which one do you kick out of the group, never to be heard from again: Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight or Patti LaBelle? When I was asked the question weeks ago, my response was “next.” There is no way I kick any one of them out. I couldn’t do it.

My sister had no problem with the question. It might have taken her two seconds to give her answer. She picked Chaka. I was speechless. But she did get the side eye. So I asked her, why Chaka, and how did you answer so fast? Her general response was that she liked Chaka the least, so she had to go.

My sister is crazy. I’ll just leave it at that. Love her to death, but it has to take far longer than two seconds to kick Chaka Khan out of that group. Even so, I couldn’t even choose. How could she? I asked my friends; even they couldn’t make a choice. Could you choose; and if so, who would you pick?

Enjoy today’s morning groove; may it get you over the hump. And just because, I’ll throw a little extra from Ms. Khan (billed with Rufus, but a lot of people say it’s her song).

As always, thanks for reading and listening.

16 Replies to “I Ain’t Braggin’, ‘Cause I’m The One”

  1. Wow – 63 years old, where does time go? Thanks for posting both songs. I would definitely find it difficult to kick out any of these ladies, they are each Divas in their own right. As for “I’m every woman” I think the song is synonymous with Chaka Khan and she’s my idea of a sexy woman. Lovely songs for your morning groove:-)

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  2. I was with you – I wouldn’t be able to kick a single one of those great ladies! Great post…it was definitely worth waiting for!

    P.S. I love Chaka’s duet with the late Steve Winwood on his song “Higher Love” – her voice is unmistakable in it!

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    1. Not the pearls! NOT THE PEARLS!

      But absolutely, there is no one on that list I could possibly kick out. It’s an impossible question, but I can tell what kind of fan you are if you can actually choose to be rid of one! I have no idea what my sister is thinking, though. Blanket shade with a dash of side eye should be thrown her way. πŸ™‚

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