The Voice: Season 10, Show 8

Last night’s show concluded the battle rounds for Season 10, and it was also the first one-hour show of the season, which meant that only three battles would be seen in their entirety, with another three captured in another montage. I won’t rant again about the whole one season thing again to NBC; obviously they don’t listen to me. What I will do is much like I did with last night’s recap: list the three battle participants and who won and what team they were on. Again, there were no steals in these battles.

So, in battle pairings from teams coached by Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, here are the montage battle results:

Peyton Parker over Gina Castanzo (Team Blake)

Joe Maye over Ayanna Jahnee (Team Christina)

Owen Danoff over John Gilman (Team Adam)

As for the battles that were televised in full:

Bluesy, guitar players battle: Laith Al-Saadi took on Matt Tedder in a Team Adam battle, singing “Honky Tonk Women” by the Rolling Stones. Both guys are great guitar players, which was shown to great effect in the battle. The guitar playing almost outshone the singing in my opinion. The show is called The Voice for a reason; it’s not to show who is more proficient on their instrument. At any rate, Laith’s experience and his more soul-filled sound took the battle, deservedly so I think. But I don’t know how long he lasts if he has to put the guitar down.

The Pharrell Williams Potential Invitational battle: Caity Peters took on Joe Vivona in a battle of two singers with interesting voices, but lacking in confidence. They were given Billy Joel’s “Honesty” to sing, and to be honest, both singers underwhelmed. Even as they seemed evenly matched, Williams had to pick one of them to move on to the knockout round. I often say that Williams will pick a singer that he feels has more potential, and this case was no different, as he went with Peters. Whether she gets beyond the knockout rounds is anyone’s guess.

The Last Battle where you know a steal is coming: For the final pairing in the battle rounds, Brittany Kennell took on Trey O’Dell for Team Blake. The singers were given “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac” to sing. When you know that Aguilera has a steal, and the Crack Editing Team has already given the game away, you know that it really doesn’t matter who gets the win. As to the performances, both were pretty good, but not earth-shattering. Blake chose Kennell as the winner, and Christina took O’Dell to round out her team for the upcoming knockouts.

Next week, the knockouts begin. Things you can count on: Carson Daly will say at some point that the knockouts are the best ever; the artists will choose their own songs to sing; and they will be guest mentored by none other than Miley Cyrus. Miley? Well, they’ve had Rihanna and Taylor Swift, so why not? Gotta get those eyeballs watching the show, right?


14 Replies to “The Voice: Season 10, Show 8”

      1. As a singer, she’s a beautiful woman. My eyes love what my ears despise. Even so, I do like a good many of her songs, but I just don’t think she’s a good singer. Good enough, though.

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      1. Hahaha…usually the show will get someone with more recent hits to do the mentoring for the knockout rounds. And that’s ok. I mean, it has to be interesting to keep people watching. I don’t think people would want to see Chaka Khan mentoring now, as opposed to with the coaches in the battle rounds.

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