By The Way My Name’s Malik, The Five-Foot Freak

I had a different song lined up for the morning groove for today. It will be featured soon.

But after hearing the news yesterday morning after I got in to work that Malik Taylor, aka Phife Dawg of the celebrated hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest had passed away, I thought that some songs featuring him should be on the blog today.

He wasn’t exactly a major part of their debut album People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm, but he did feature on four tracks. The most famous of those is the song that introduced him to the masses, “Can I Kick It?” It’s been said that Phife didn’t like his voice in the song. I don’t know anyone else who had that problem.

It was the next album, The Low End Theory, that was Phife’s coming out party. Besides the album being a bonafide hip-hop classic, it gave the public songs that to this day are considered some of the greatest of the era, even for all-time. Songs like these:

That last one, with the Leaders Of The New School, featuring Busta Rhymes, may have spelled the end of that group, but the beginning of Busta’s solo career.

Those are a few (but not all) of my favorites, and today they make up the morning groove. Rest in peace, Mr. Taylor. Surely I could have added more, but the post would be going on for a good long while. As always, thanks for reading and listening.




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