Flashback Friday: Let The Beat Hit ‘Em

Maybe I should have switched this one with the morning groove. This song right here would give anyone a jump start. Or it should.

With thanks to the duo of Robert Clivillés and the late David Cole, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam produced one of the best dance cuts of 1991. But it wasn’t enough to do the original version, they had to a “Super Pumped Up C&C Vocal Club Mix.” And it’s that mix that I’m using for Flashback Friday.

But if you prefer the original flava, I got that too.

No matter your preference, this jam was made to dance to. And I did. Often. Still do.

(starts one of the videos and takes off)….

(five minutes later)

This song should keep you grooving into the weekend. Here’s hoping everyone has a good weekend and a Happy Easter, if you celebrate.

And in response to a certain blogger sister of mine, I did not have a crush on every female singer who came to fame in the 1980s. But I did have a crush on Lisa Lisa. I freely confess to it. And why wouldn’t I? I guess I couldn’t resist those Puerto Rican charms. And it all started with this song, through the likes of “All Cried Out,” and into “Head To Toe” and “Lost In Emotion.” Shoot, those songs helped me get through college. One dance at a time…

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