Peace Beneath The Moon

Today for the morning groove, I’m featuring a song that I heard for the first time yesterday.

I was searching for a song to continue my “instrumental Sunday” theme for the morning groove, so I tuned into Pandora’s smooth jazz radio. After hearing lots of familiar and somewhat familiar songs, my ears were instantly attracted to this simple, piano-led piece that came over the air.

With it being Easter Sunday, I also was looking for something that was soothing and not too busy, and this song by John Fluker fit the bill. Considering I had never even heard of him before yesterday, I was surprised that he had been around quite a bit, doing a little bit of everything. He has been a vocal coach to artists like Jennifer Lopez, musical director for none other than Gladys Knight, and has worked with the likes of Dionne Warwick, Boys II Men, John Legend and Mavis Staples, to name a few.

This song was actually released back in 2006, on his first solo project The Sound Of Peace. And while he does have some gospel releases under his belt which might be more appropriate for Easter, it is this song that I choose as a relaxing, soothing morning groove for today.

Please enjoy the song, I hope you like it. And as always, thanks for reading and listening, and may you have a happy, peaceful Easter Sunday.

8 Replies to “Peace Beneath The Moon”

  1. Hey T. Wayne – Thank you for featuring Asleep Beneath The Moon Part One. I encourage you to check out the longer and more explorative version, Part Two, and also my newest ambient piano release 11:11.

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    1. You’re welcome, and the pleasure is all mine! Thanks for stopping by, and I will definitely give your recommendations a listen. Best wishes for continued success in your endeavors!


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