I Was The One, The Weakest One Of All

She came from out of nowhere. That video with that strange haircut, but that wonderful, beautiful voice. And that music, that sounded like something Barry White would’ve done in his prime, but updated for the 90s.

She was lookin’ for her baby. She didn’t know where, but she was going to find him, someway, somehow. And was never going to give up looking for him.

The first of five R&B top twenty hits in a two year stretch (and the first of three #1 R&B hits) announced the arrival of one Lisa Stansfield, straight out of the UK and into the hearts of music fans worldwide. And “All Around The World” is the morning groove for today. And in regards to the Barry White reference above: there is a version of this song floating around of a duet featuring Stansfield and White.

As an aside, I can’t possibly count how many women I have met, that if they are familiar with this song, that didn’t say “Oh, this was my song!” In fact, it played on the radio at work one day last week and a co-worker of mine just shouted out “that used to be my song!”

So ladies (and gentlemen too), if you know this one, was this your song too? Have your say in the comments. And as always, thanks for reading and listening.

18 Replies to “I Was The One, The Weakest One Of All”

  1. Yep. As you said, this was one of ‘my songs’. However, I actually liked ‘You can’t deny it’ a little bit more.

    Very nice selection T. Wayne. I really enjoy trying to guess the song based on the lyrical title that you use. You’re really good at picking something unexpected :).

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