Flashback Friday: Shoop

Ladies, is there ever a bad time to “Shoop”?

It’s Friday. The weekend is almost here. We’re getting rain here in Murr-lan (that’s Maryland for those outside the urreah (area)). But it doesn’t mean the party doesn’t start.

There aren’t going to be a whole lot of words for this Flashback Friday on the first of April. Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day, but I’m not fooling around with this joint here. Released in 1993, it became the trio’s biggest R&B chart hit ever, and is still played in places where ladies like to dance (and rap along, because I’ve heard them scream the lyrics over the record many times).

And, on the “hip hop, or not hip hop” scale, it’s a tough call. My panel of experts were split on this one. By this time, rap songs had sung choruses, but at the same time, if you’re singing the chorus, is it really hip-hop? I might tend to give Salt-N-Pepa the benefit of the doubt on this one, but if you were asking me about “Whatta Man”? Heck of a record, but that one I would definitely put in the not hip-hop category. But since I brought it up, here’s two for the price of one:

The video quality wasn’t as good as I would like, so I just got audio. A shame too, because En Vogue is in that video. And I loved me some En Vogue.

Have an opinion? Leave it in the comments. Enjoy today’s Flashback Friday song(s), and as always, thanks for reading and listening.


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