The Small Popcorn

I usually don’t write about my day job much, other than to occasionally say that I do have one. I mean, who would want to read about being a property tax accountant at a local government finance office? I mean, if you want to hear about property taxes and adjustments and mundane stuff like that I could wax poetic. But I don’t think it would be all that entertaining. Anyway, I have a different type of story to tell.

In my department there are ten women and two men, and I share an office with two of the women. This type of environment isn’t strange to me; I grew up in a single-parent home outnumbered three to one females to males. At my first job, I was outnumbered also. Seemingly in most of the places I’ve ever been (other than college where I lived with guys) I’ve always been either the only man, or one of a few men.

Well, for a while the life was pretty restrictive—it had to be quiet, no music was allowed. I was even told that I typed too loud by the old supervisor once. And that was perhaps the tamest of things the old office manager did. But now that there is a new supervisor, there is a different atmosphere in the office. We are allowed to listen to music during the day (at least the local radio station), and talk freely among ourselves, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the work, and now microwave popcorn has become the afternoon snack of choice.

Well one day, the two women I share the office with decided they wanted some microwave popcorn. Most of the time, because they eat their lunches earlier than I do, I usually don’t partake, or I’m out of the office on the bank run when they snack. But this particular day, I was present, and they decided to share some popcorn with me, and I accepted the offer. But when I got my popcorn, I was greeted with this:

Yes, that is an actual size portion in a coffee filter.

While my coworkers had servings like this:

Notice the larger sized coffee filter, and thus larger amount of popcorn.

Well, I guess Beyoncé had it right after all. Who runs the world? Or at least the area of the office where I work:

But, I shamed the ladies so bad, the next time they had popcorn I got an equal share.

18 Replies to “The Small Popcorn”

  1. HaHa! I enjoyed this, what’s wrong with those ladies? Gender issues in the workplace are always interesting. Over the past 15 years, I worked in a female dominated environment but in my own day to day work worked mostly with men. Many of these women were single and not getting any younger and I was always being tasked to help hook them up with a man. My response was always for them to shorten their checklist since I never met superman:-)

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    1. Glad you enjoyed this story, Chevvy! We do get along really well though, but I thought it funny how they divided that popcorn that day. They both know that I blog, and were asking if I was going to write about it. I told them that I had, so I let them read it and they both laughed hysterically. So I guess it did what I wanted it to do!

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  2. Actually, I bet you could come up with some really good stories from your experiences as a property tax accountant. Or more stories about your co-workers. Do they also give you smaller portions of the birthday cakes (assuming there are any)?

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    1. We will see about the birthday cake. The new office manager has only been with us for about six months, but she knows that I have a milestone birthday coming up this year. I have no idea what she might do.


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