The Voice: Javier Colon Has Something To “Say”

Season 1 winner of The Voice, Javier Colon is releasing a new album. Entitled Gravity, the collection is scheduled for release on April 15th. I can’t really tell you that I remember his season, as I wasn’t watching the show then, but I can tell you that before he won, he had previously recorded music as Javier on Capitol Records until he was dropped by the label. Since then he has also split with Universal Republic Records, the label that he joined upon winning the show. The new album is being released by Concord Records.

Several songs have been released in advance of the album, and one of those that I’ll feature in this post is called “Say.” You can get the song for free at Javier’s website if you sign up for a music newsletter using your email address. It is also available at digital music retailers (and you can also pre-order the album at Amazon, where you will get four songs from the release immediately after you place your order).

As for the song, it is pleasant, featuring his voice and his guitar. He sounds really good; it sort of reminds me of Babyface when he was releasing music that feature the acoustic guitar. I feel the song is indicative of what you will get when you listen to some of his new music.

As I mentioned, there are a few more songs out there from the upcoming album.You can preview them here:

Those should give you a good taste of what’s to come from the Season 1 winner of the show. Even though I didn’t see his performances on the show when he won, I do know he is a talented vocalist. Here’s hoping his new release makes an impression.

Feel free to take a listen to Colon’s new offerings and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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