We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives

Three chart singles. One charted album. And then she was gone.

Early in 1991, her biggest hit was released. It became so popular, it was a top ten hit on the Pop and R&B listings that year. It made year-end countdowns, placing high up the charts. Music fans figured, she’s one to watch. And she was, but only for that one year. After the singles faded, she did too.

The singer? Tara Kemp. That big hit? “Hold You Tight.” You say you don’t remember it? Start the video below and see if it jogs your memory:

If you watched MTV or any video channel in 1991, or listened to pop or urban radio when this song was released, you will probably remember this track. But even if you don’t, take a listen to it again. I won’t guarantee it, but I think you might nod your head to it, or mildly chair-dance. Maybe when that chorus comes up, you can sing along.

Whether you remember it at all, or remember it fondly, “Hold You Tight” is the Morning Groove for today. And as always, thanks for reading and listening.

46 Replies to “We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives”

  1. Uh T. Wayne…..uh….er….’em…
    It’s official…we were separated at birth. LOL
    This, indeed, was one of my jams and I wondered what happened with her.

    I kinda put this one in the same category as “I don’t wanna fall in love” by Jane Child.
    Again, loved them both but they faded away into the ’90’s.

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      1. Honestly, after I played “Hold You Tight,” I played that song right after it. I was thinking about using it for today. I might hold on to it for a “one hit wonders week” or something. LOL

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      2. Have no fear. There are plenty of other one-hit wonders to choose from. Plus, I have to decide if I count someone as a one-hit wonder if they only had one big hit with other smaller lesser ones or just one song period. Kemp missed out because she had a second top 10 hit.

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      3. Maybe you and me were separated at birth! I had another song by her (but credited to D-Mob featuring her) that I thought about including. I still have it on the list, so maybe…but I don’t think she qualifies.

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    1. Dinata, that whole exchange between Lisa and I has given rise to a one-hit wonders week, starting tomorrow morning! Thanks for the compliment, though I think Lisa was the one making me laugh the most!

      Glad that you like the music, and thanks for listening!

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