Let Me Tell It To You From The Start

So…yesterday’s Tara Kemp post for “Hold You Tight” proved to be pretty popular. I got a Twitter follow from Tara Kemp (if that is her Twitter account); links were posted in the comments to her Facebook and Twitter pages; and two bloggers suggested the same song in the comments. So, today’s morning groove was easy to pick.

It’s Jane Child’s “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love.”

I was actually going to save this for a “one hit wonders” week, but I’m posting it today because it is rare that two bloggers suggest the same song in the same comment thread. Not to mention, I had also considered it for yesterday as well.  As far as the “one hit wonders” week: look for it in the near future. Not necessarily next week though, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

As for Child, this song was her only top 10 pop and R&B hit, rising to number 2 on the pop chart and number 6 R&B back in 1990. She did have one other song make the chart on the pop side; “Welcome To The Real World” got only as high as number 49. So, in a sense, that makes her a one hit wonder. At least by my definition; that says that an artist has either only one top twenty hit among a list of singles that do no better than the top 40, or the only song under an artist’s name that charted that made the top ten. (For reference, I use the Billboard Top Pop Singles 1955-2012 and Billboard Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010 books, published by Joel Whitburn’s Record Research ). If you want to suggest a better definition, feel free.

Many thanks to Gwin from the Seekthebestblog, and Lisa A. from the Life Of An El Paso Woman blog for suggesting this song yesterday. It’s today’s Morning Groove. Please feel free to leave your impressions about this song in the comments, and if you like, make a suggestion. I may take you up on it.

As a bonus, here’s the Teddy Riley remix of the track:

And as always, thanks for reading and listening.

16 Replies to “Let Me Tell It To You From The Start”

  1. Lol I just said I heard it at Kmart. I knew it would be your song for today. I was hoping it was the Tootsie Roll or El Tiburon. Lmao. Jk. So sorry I can’t hit you up with more one hit wonders today! I’m going back to work. Damnit, no Divorce Court for me today! Unless… I take my lunch when it comes out. Lol. Not!

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  2. Aww!!! Thanks for the mention T. Wayne 🙂

    I really do still love this jam and this artist.

    Now as for her style of dress with the nose thingy … Uh…well.

    Anyway, thanks for this post. I really like that you included a remix.

    Great job as usual my twin 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, twin! And you’re welcome for the mention!

      Haha about her style of dress! She thought that was a happenin’ look!

      And I had to put the Teddy Riley remix in there. That New Jack Swing, girl!

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